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MAD MEN Caption Challenge and A New MAD MEN Yourself!

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AMC has issued a caption challenge for Mad Men fans. Three fabulous retro illustrations by Dyna Moe (of "Mad Men Yourself" fame) each with five options for the best caption. Vote now for your favorite.


Which caption should win?
• "Umm, guys?... Should we have invited Peggy?..." -- from Panco
• "These morning bull sessions are getting out of hand gentlemen."-- from Liza Ogilvy
• "90% of creative is horsing around." -- from mishyshelly
• "Road Tested...Sterling-Cooper approved" -- from Blonde Dynamite!
•"Forget My Old Kentucky Home, next stop the Belmont Stakes!" -- from kathiemarie
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Which caption should win?
• "Could you be a dear and grab me my brandy manhattan...And a straw?" -- from TheHaphazardBlonde
• "Don't forget to vacuum under the bed."-- from Teach123
• "I knew you'd been smoking in here!" -- from Kerco
• "This is nothing. You should have been at Lutece." -- from Take_Break_Share_Love
• "Who's the comedian that called maid service?" -- from PeeJay
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Which caption should win?
• "No, Betts, you can't see Russia from here. That's New Jersey." -- from elscoot57
• "Meditate on THIS emergency!" -- from Betts
• "I'll get Dick, you get Don." -- from BoredBeauty
• "You sure Sally gets her temper from Don?" -- from Kevin Ament
• "Don's a worthy target, but I'd rather be Duck hunting!" -- from Strawberry73
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Learn all about illustrator Dyna Moe here


Mad Men Yourself has been updated with new clothes, new accessories and new backgrounds for the new season!


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.

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